Fedora Remix for Raspberry Pi makes the $35 PC useful (video)

The Raspberry Pi is a $25 to $35 computer that’s about the size of a deck of cards. But the little PC isn’t really much use without software to run on it — and that’s where Seneca College’s new Fedora Remix for the Raspberry Pi comes in.

Fedora Remix for the Raspberry Pi

A group of developers has optimized a version of Fedora Linux to run on the $35 computer and play well with its ARM-based processor. The complete operating system can be loaded onto a 2GB SD card, which would probably add just a few bucks to the cost of the computer.

The operating system comes preloaded with a web browser, word processor, and other applications, and users should be able to install third party apps.

Seneca’s demo video doesn’t just provide a look at the Raspberry Pi remix, but also Seneca’s build farm with a number of other devices with ARM-based processors.

Long story short, Fedora Remix will make the tiny computer useful for those looking for a low cost computing solution. Once you have the operating system on an SD card, all you need to do is plug in a keyboard and display to start using the computer.

If you’re looking for something a little more media-centric, a version of the open souce XBMC media center software has also been ported to run on the Raspberry Pi hardware.

Update: Fedora Remix for the Raspberry Pi is now available for download.

via Raspberry Pi.org

  • Anonymous

    The Fedora sticker on the Ethernet port was a nice touch. 

  • Anonymous

    But will it run Cry… i mean…uh…Flash?

    • Anonymous

      They got FireFox to run, only problem is it consumers too much energy and they’re looking into ways to optimize it or find a better alternative.

      So, presumably, it should be able to run Flash once they get everything working but it remains to be seen if they can get it working well enough.

  • Anonymous

    Put a dozen of these (256 megs, ethernet port, 8gb or 16gb SD card) in a rack, along with an ethernet hub, and each one could be its own micro-server; no worrying about someone sharing the computer with you hogging the CPU or hard disk the way you have to with virtual servers.

  • http://twitter.com/V_U vēer

    I really hope its capable of playing back most of 1080p videos and will be able to handle 1080p youtube videos with ease AND maintain the cheap cost, I will definitely buy TWO of these at least :)!