Deals of the Day (2-23-2012)

BlackBerry PlayBook

Now that the Blackberry PlayBook can run some Android apps and has native email, calendar, and contact apps, the tablet looks a little more attractive — especially when you can pick one up for $200 instead of $499.

There are also pretty good deals on a few notebooks including the ultra-sleek Samsung Series 9 and the original (and somewhat outdated) 13.3 inch MacBook with an Intel Core 2 duo processor.

Here’s a roundup of some of today’s best deals.




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  • Anonymous

    Well the eeepc sold out, of course at that price it should surprise no one that this would happen…

  • Anonymous

    the playbook would be a great tablet if the bezel wasn’t so huge.

    • Anonymous

      The bezel is actually useful for the Playbook, it integrates gesture swipe controls.  So isn’t wasted space as it would be on other tablets. 

      Besides, it gives a good area for grip and also integrates stereo front facing speakers.  Compared to the rear mono speaker many other tablets use.