CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 2 for the HP TouchPad: Now with Netflix support

Less than a day after releasing the first version of Android 4.0 for the HP TouchPad with support for hardware video acceleration, the CyanogenMod team has released a second update — this time with support for streaming Netflix video.

HP TouchPad with CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 2 with Netflix

If you’re keeping track, that means that Android on the HP TouchPad now supports touch, WiFi, audio, video, and the Google Android Market.

In fact, the only major feature that doesn’t work at all right now is the camera — although some users may notice bugs with WiFi performance and other features. This is still a public alpha after all.

To upgrade from CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 1 or an earlier version to Alpha 2, you can follow our instructions for using ClockworkMod to apply the update. All you need to get started is the latest alpha zip file which you can find from the links at the RootzWiki forum.

If this is your first time installing CyanogenMod on an HP TouchPad or if you’re upgrading from CyanogenMod 7 Alpha (which is based on Android 2.3), we have a guide for that too.

  • chapelhillice

    Impressive.  Just darn impressive.

  • Buffalo Biz Online

    The touchscreen is noticeably more responsive for me now. Haven’t
    noticed any wifi changes, but may after using it longer. Thanks Brad.

  • Brian P.

    Wow, that was fast.  I was content with Alpha 1 after using it last night.  Having Netflix work is icing on the cake.

    • Nelly7902

      Brian which update fixed Netflix, I am still having trouble.

  • Brian P.

    Big Xena fan, are you?

  • Ascarullo

    I’m supposed to upgrade my cm7 to cm9 alpha 1. I DL the CM9 alpha 2 instead. Encountered problem with wifi and was able to resolved it after booting first in WebOS then CM9a2 after 30 min. Still keep getting a polyp error saying Winamp just crash.

  • Jervisd

    I’m loving my Touchpad more and more each day. Alpha 2 is great, the only thing missing now is a working mic and the camera.

    • Don

      yeah hoping for mic/camera fix on alpha 3 cm9

      • Aklabacka

        I like the sound of that. Looking forward to mic and camera fix.

    • Little8917

      how come i cant watch netflix on my tp with cm9 alpha 2

    • Hashim Murtuza

      Just upgraded to icecream sandwich alpha2 yesterday. Took me an hour. Did not install the google apps yet. Synced apps with my android phone. Netflix works. No hob go app support yet.

  • segadc

    Trying this out on another touchpad ( not mine) but I noticed HBOGO will not install.  Is this an issue with ICS or something else?

  • Sean S.

    So wait…other than the camera and mic (which I don’t care about) Alpha 2 of ICS performs better in all respects than alpha 3.5 of CM7? I’d like to know before I take the jump for the upgrade…

    • Anonymous

      Do it. My wife’s is still running CM7 and mine has CM9, they are not even close. CM9 makes the Touchpad feel like a legit Android Tablet (because it is). CM7 was just a big phone OS. It doesn’t even come close.
      Usually i run a different launcher on Gingerbread but there is nothing i want changed in ICS. it’s just great. There is a different feel and it took me a little to get use to.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with indyvoter. I’ve been waiting to install CM until the video quirks were worked out, and finally did it last night. So far, other than mic/camera-dependent apps, I’ve found the Citrix app and iHeartradio app don’t seem to work on it. Everything else I’ve tried (including LogMeIn Ignition) works well. The Android Touchpad seems to have less Wireless-N range than webOS, and of course, not as much speaker volume. 

      Did anyone else get an e-mail from Google (actually Android Team )  with the Subject: 

      Welcome to your Galaxy Nexus!

      Apparently, registering CM9 alpha 2 makes Google think you’ve registered a Galaxy Nexus. Who knew?

      • Brian P.

        I’ve also noticed that Wireless-N range seems to be much worse than in webOS.  Thankfully I have dual band and get excellent range on my other connection.

      • Jive71

        Make sure to use the Citrix Receiver Beta version from the Android Market. Its designed for Android 4.

      • tbetz

        That’s what I have. After login, it lets me move applications from the list to my shortcuts, but it won’t open any of them.

  • Anonymous

    Since the mic still doesn’t work, I assume that any of the credit card readers won’t work through the headphone jack. Is this correct?

  • dontrenigin12

    my gallery still crashes “every time”

    • Mobile1

      I’ve been having the exact same problem.

      • Taylor Phillippe

        i have also been having this problem

    • Rain_buenven2ra

      it happens to me also i dont know what to do hmmm i wish someone will help me on this prob..

  • Josh Rubin

    Does gtalk work properly?

  • vic

    Thank you Brad

  • Albert J.

    Installed alpha 2 as per instructions, Touchpad booted up okay and looked normal, but desktop showed only the phone dialer and was otherwise unresponsive to touches. Holding down the power button brought up a menu with choices like reboot, Airplane Mode, Screenshot, etc. Am I missing something? Fortunately I backed up before doing this and the restore went smoothly.

    • Albert J.

       Silly me. It was asking for a password since one of my mail accounts was using Exchange (CMOD 7 didn’t require this for some reason). Ironically, email doesn’t work (“Unfortunately, email has stopped.”) This was my second attempt, just using ClockworkMod instead of ACMEInstaller 2; my data and apps remained intact.

      • Albert J.

         Got email to work by clearing out all previous data and starting new accounts. However, I could not download apps (as someone else noted) and outside of the YouTube app, flash video would not play. The UI is great, though, so I’m looking forward to gradual bug fixes.

  • Jive71

    Where has the battery percentage gone? Am I blind, or has it been removed?

  • Z8g

    Anyone else having problems with Netflix player starting then stopping?

    • Z8g

      More specifically, video starts for few seconds then stops. No buffering or anything.

      • Zaan1106

        I too am having this same problem.  I just installed CM9 A2 based on 02242012 build which went very easily.  I was able to download the Netflix app very easy from App Store and when I launched the app, logged into my account and started a video, I got about 1-2 seconds of audio, no video and it froze.

      • Zaan1106

        OK, discovered my error.  I choose to install the build from the most recent nightly update but discovered this is based on Alpha1.  Had to search internet for link to Alpha2 but downloaded it, installed it and walla, Netflix runs with no problems.

  • Huslan5421

    Does youtube not work for anyone else, sorry just got a touchpad last night and don’t know if these is a known problem. 

    • Chuacy88

      I can’t play Youtube also..

      • nomanhadi85

        just update the youtube to latest through the market. You can also try to update your gapps. get the latest gapps form for icecream 
        worked for me 

      • Nelly7902

        You tube works for me if you turn off the HD, should be on bottom left corner of the video.

  • Sean S.

    Wow. This OS is slick as hell. My wifi problems have vanished. Everything works great except the stupid audio distortion when you turn off the screen. This has been a problem since early CM7…has anyone figured out a fix?

    Sean S.

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone having an issue where wifi is not working.  I have an older linksys wrt54g and use WEP.

    • Mark Parker

       Yeah, I’ve yet to get wifi working using CM9

      • Wesleykonrad

        I had a problem but I ran the following command in the terminal as a super user

        rm -r /data/misc/wifi/* && reboot

        This clears out all your wifi settings and then reboots it. After that it seemed to be fine.

      • Mansoor

        I am having wifi problem as well. Just installed CM9 Alpha 2 today, wifi was working fine. Then I tried to install nightly by putting on SD card. But instead of browsing to the correct folder containing nightly zip,   by mistake I chose apply /sdcard/ 

        Since then my wifi is not able to connect, showing my network name, also that password is saved, but just doesnt connect.

         I ran that instead of running nightly file. Since then, even after correctly installing nightly, I am not able to get wifi running. although I am able to connect via WebOS. Please help.

    • Nprang21

      I had the same issue, but once I changed channels on the WRT54GL from 11 to 6, everything has worked seamlessly.

  • Irishsteve

    I’ve been waiting for this build, but I’m running a Mac – I’ve followed the instructions and get lost when it comes to the command line instructions. Has anyone got a set of instructions for installing on a Mac they could either post here, or send me? Thanks!

    • Brad Linder

      It should actually be pretty much the same, but instead of novacom.exe, just type novacom boot mem:// <ACMEInstaller2. 

      I don't have a Mac, so I haven't tested this, but you can find more details here: 

      • Irishsteve

        That link was a great help, it was root terminal i was missing, didnt know the mac equilivent of command prompt. thanks a lot!

      • Brad Linder

        Glad I could help!

  • Leeathp

    not had any of the issues stated.  Just installed clean Alpha2, and watched a 1hr episode on Netflix.  I have a phone for pic’s and mac for video chat so no bother for me about the camera..   This release is slick and smooth and loving every minute of it.!!!

  • Kok

    anyone have problem sync google calendar,,will not sync

  • dontrenigin12

    anyone cant sync google calendar !!!!

  • Cluneyk

    Wow! This is the first CyanogenMod release I’ve applied to my HP Touch pad…and it is amazing! I love WebOS…but I really love the fact that I can now utilize an unlimited amount of Android apps on my Touch pad at a fraction of the price others have paid for quality Android competitors.

  • Pattyboom33

    My calendar cannot sync since using cm9.Would any one tell me what is the problem? I already using the latest gapps.

    • nomanhadi85

      Did you clear the cache before installing the new alpha?

      • Pattyboom33

        It works. Thanks.

  • nomanhadi85

    Question : Does the Cyanogenmod 9 alpha 2 for Touchpad support the USB connectivity with the computer (data transfer)?   

    cause it does not work with me; The long way of connecting with computer is through Web-Os, i am wondering there is a shot cut 

    • Udi Bachman

      Yes there is. You can go to ClockMod Recovery, then search for Mount or something like that. It might be in advanced tab .. check it.  This is do the job!

      • Makatak

        I believe there are currently 2 ways to do it, when you connect through the USB you can then go into settings – storage – USB computer connection and then select the Media device option (MTP), the other option would be the one Udi suggested where you would go into recovery and mount the usb connection from there

      • foodtour

        just in case some ppl can’t find the media device option. go to settings > storage > click on the upper right 3-points bar > select USB computer connection > Media device (MTP)

  • FAKA!

    Just curious how the battery life is compared to webOS?

    • Brian P.

      It is worse than webOS IMO but still fine for me.  I get plenty of use out of a charge.

  • StandupPhilosopher

    QUESTION: First time installing Cyanogenmod on any device. I want to install CM9 Alpha2. Besides the rom, do I need updated versions of  ACMEinstaller, moboot, etc., from the ones used to install alpha 0, or can I just use the same versions as described in ?

    • Brad Linder

      Same ones… you just don’t want to use the version of ACMEInstaller designed for CyanogenMod 7. That won’t work. You need ACMEInstaller2.

  • Jcvance22

    I just installed today on my touchpad from the latest nightly build posted…everything is AWESOME….BUT I installed the netfilx app and I get only audio, no video.  Any help or pointers?  Thanks :)

  • dontrenigin12

    my clock keeps losing the time,,have tried using network time and setting manually,,seems to lose it when it sleeps..

  • dan johnson

    Having a problem with the Android Market not opening up.  Running the latest Alpha 2 but was having the issue on .6 as well.  Any fixes for this?

    • Brian P.

      There is a market fix but I can’t recall where.  
      Check either the XDA Developers forum or Rootz Wiki forum. 

  • Watsonalan01

    I followed all of the directions and installed CM9 Alpha 2. Everything looks great but when I downloaded Netflix and YouTube Apps neither seem to work. Netflix plays the audio but the screen is black. YouTube keeps giving me an error message that it cannot pay. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Watsonalan01

     Also, I’m reading a lot about “Nightly Builds”… Where do I download these updates/builds? Can they be downloaded directly from the Touchpad? Or do I need to do it thru a computer via USB and ClockworkMod?  Sorry if I seem like a novice. I want to learn how to do all this stuff!

    • Brian P.

      Check either the XDA Developers forum or Rootz Wiki forum.  The links to the nightlies along with instructions are there.  You can download them right onto the TP, reboot into CWM and install the zip, wipe cache/davlik cache and restart. 

  • Jcruz41

    I just want to thank the cyanogenmod team as well as…. awesome work . With ics alpha 2 installed, I am so happy with my android tablet. Camera is not so much a big deal. As long as Netflix is working I’m hAppy. Occasionally, may wifi won’t connect. I just wipe my dalvich and cache and reboot and its back to working wifi again. Is this wifi problem an ongoing problem with anyone?


  • Nexus

    I use an app call WiFile to transfer from computer to Touchpad. easy does it

  • Eula

    How long should it take to boot? I just installed cm9, and it took me to the cynogen loading screen and has been sitting there for about 30 minutes.  Have i screwed something up?

    • Brian P.

      Did you wipe the cache and the davlik cache (under advanced in CWM)?  If not, that might be your issue.  Try that and restart.

  • HPTP_User

    I updated my HP Touchpad last night and I’m having trouble seeing it when I connect to Win 7 64 Bit.  Windows is saying it is installing drivers but then says it fails and the HP TP doesn’t appear in “My Computer” – what am I doing wrong?

  • MatthewK

    is anyone having issues syncing your google calendar, exchange calendar, and logging into google music on the new build??  am i missing something?

    • CAT Computers

      I’m having the same issue.. wiped my regular and dalvik cache and installed the latest CM9 Gapps – calendar still not working.  It says it’s there, but it’s not.  It just doesn’t show up and I can’t re-add it because it thinks it’s there.  Also when I wiped the dalvik and installed the latest gapps I figured it would want me to reauth – but it didn’t.  You get this fixed?

  • refried

     If I want to re-install the new alpha in order for my calendar to work,
    would I go into CWM, clear cache, and then just go to the sd card in
    CWM and reinstall the mod from there?  Do I need to clear anything else?  Thanks.

  • TheGOG

    What’s up with the LCD density?  what is it used for, and do we we need it? 

  • TheGOG

    What is the LCD Density, what is different from the 120 and 160.  which one should we use? or should we just leave these out?

  • iName

    this has been amazing! it runs better on android than on webos. apps switch quicker and everything just seems more fluid.

  • Vivek

    This is great! The interface is slick! But, I have issues connecting to Wi-Fi, tried clearing the cache as well. Did anybody else face the same issue?

    • Pedro

      yes i have the same issues with wifi on both touchpads, they seem to connect after a few tries.

  • Auj

    Netflix and Youtube both are not working for Alpha 2, everything else works just fine.  Any suggestion on what ia m doing wrong.

  • Llum

    If I am using CM 9 alpha 0.6 do I need to install alpha 1.0 before I installing alpha 2.0?

    • Brad Linder

      Nope. Just go straight to 2.0.

  • Surya Teja Potu

    After installing cm9 alpha 2, my wifi stopped working. I toggled the on/ off switch on the wifi and it remains connected for some time and then again disconnects. Is there a fix for this problem.

    • D-V

       Try connecting to any other wi-fi even if you don’t know password. When it fails connecting, try connecting to your wi-fi. But first click on “forget” connection. Enter credentials again. It will now connect. Mine worked liked it :)

  • Smax

    As Surya Teja just said, even I have the same problem. After installing cm9 alpha 2, my wifi stopped working. I toggled
    the on/ off switch on the wifi and it remains connected for some time
    and then again disconnects. Is there a fix for this problem.

    • Smax

       I finally got my wifi to work after a few reboots, but my gmail account reads “unfortunately gmail has stopped”. I intially thought it was because of wifi, but now even with the wifi on the error persists.  Any solution?

    • Guest Alex

      I had the same problem.
      But now the problem is
      solved!!! When you have
      Internet access, go to Play Store and install the app Wifi Fixer. I have HP Touchpad 32GB with CyanogenMod 9 Alpha2 and it 100% works for me!

      • smax


        Do you have any specific app in mind. Mine still does not connect.

      • Guest Alex

        I turn WiFi on and off many times. After number of
        tries Touchpad connecting to WiFi briefly, but then loses it again. Try it. If
        you’re lucky and get WiFi connection, go to Play Store, download and install
        free app “Wifi Fixer”. It works for me and I don’t have this problem
        anymore. Good luck! (Sorry for my English :-))

  • Amanverma916

    People tell me where to get the cyanogenmod 9 alpha 2 or the latest version …i can ‘t find it …somebody share a link ….

  • J Rodri

    If I download cm9 can I use android or OS interchangeably? Can I have both on my TP?

  • Galtha58

    So far, I have installed CM7 on my touchpad (dual boot of course). Wondering if there is a way in CM7 to transfer files from a portable usb device without using a PC?  Would be great to take some extra movies along on a trip using a usb device and then move them onto the Touchpad while on the trip. That way, I would not have to take a laptop along to do the transfer. Any ideas on this?  Thanks for alll of you work. CM7 works great. Got Netflix streaming video working and it works great on CM7. Waiting for CM9 to get a bit less buggy before updating to that. 

  • blah blah

    can anyone tell me how to get android market i newly installed mine and i am getting a lot of trouble finding it

    • Mechikka

      Iam also having the same issue did you fixed it please share this with me too .,.plzzzzzz

  • blah blah

    hey guys could you tell me why i don’t have android market when i newly install my cm9 alpha 2.
    also for those of you who r new to it and want to install cm 9 alpha 2. here is the youtube link that helped me

  • Vinay552

    I have installed CM9 alpha 2 on my TP. However, it says that Clock has stopped working etc .etc.. What could be the issue? 


  • Hgphoto10

    How do you get a Credit Card Reader to work in the headphone jack of the HP TP running Android CM9?

  • CCS

    you have to load the gapp after loading cm9 that fixes the problem with no App market.

  • B1ackDiamond

    I am having issues with Netflix. It starts and movies appear to be playing, I just have a black screen. I can hear the audio but can’t see the movie.

    • diego

      I have the exact same issue. The video never shows but the sound runs just fine with a black screen. Let me know if you get it resolved.

      • B1ackDiamond

        I ended up running the update again and it is working now.

  • Bob Benoit

    I have installed CM 9 and 10. I don’t get any sound and my system don’t Have no sound and sys doesn’t load videos from my email blogs. Need some help! How do you print in this android system?