Nextbook Elite 10 Android 4.0 tablet coming soon

Nextbook Elite 10

It’s easy to dismiss eFun as yet-another me-too tablet maker. The company’s low-cost Nextbook Android tablets sell for as little as $120, and tend to feature underwhelming specifications.

But eFun also offers a few higher-end tablets with “premium” features. Now Engadget reports eFun is getting ready to launch its first tablet with Android 4.0 and a dual core processor.

The eFun Nextbook Elite 10 will feature a 9.7 inch, 1024 x 768 pixel display, a 1.1 GHz Broadcom dual core processor, a 2MP front-facing camera, and Google’s latest operating system. It sounds like this may not be an officially Google-sanctioned device, since it will apparently include the SlideMe app store instead of the Android Market.

The tablet will be on display at CES next week, and eFun plans to sell it for $280 or less.

  • Anonymous

    This is how low end disruption occurs. New entrants produce “underwhelming” products followed by “good enough”, followed by “more than good enough”. Meanwhile the market leaders overshoot the market needs are undercut by by those 
    “more than good enough”  products.

  • Anonymous

    I think i would go for a Archos 101G9 over that.

  • Kevin Mai

    how many android 4.0 tablets can there be at the os’s launch? it seems like everyone is moving from gingerbread to ics, because it is open source.