Next-gen Samsung Chromebook ditches Atom for Celeron

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

Samsung is updating its Series 5 Chromebook by swapping out the Intel Atom N570 dual core processor for a faster (but still hardly top-of-the-line) Intel Celeron processor.

The new Chromebook will still have a 16GB solid state disk and Chrome OS operating system, which means that basically the laptop will run nothing but a web browser and web apps. But it should do that a little faster than before.

I was pretty underwhelmed by the Series 5 I reviewed last summer, because not only is the idea of doing everything in a web browser limiting, but the browser actually felt pretty sluggish. Hopefully the new processor will fix that.

Engadget reports the next-gen Series 5 Chromebook will be available in the second quarter of 2012 for $399 and up.

Samsung is also finally starting to show off its Chromebox, a small desktop computer designed to run Chrome OS. It will retail or about $400 and will likely be aimed at the business and education markets.

  • Anonymous

    They really need to do something about that price…

    • Anonymous

      Price is a factor, but it’s probably more telling that they felt they needed to provide more hardware performance for a OS that was suppose to leverage the Cloud.

      Consequently, this may also put a damper on the prospect of ARM based Chromebooks as even the next gen chips coming out soon only rival the Intel ATOM for CPU performance and unless they can leverage GPU acceleration then they’re likely to perform more poorly than this Celeron based model.

      Add that the low cost ARM products are still below Intel ATOM performance further makes the prospect less likely until at least the new next gen systems come down in price as otherwise there is no price savings and power efficiency may not be enough of a draw by itself.