Even Kobo had a good year in 2011


Amazon and Barnes & Noble have both announced that their latest tablets and eReaders sold like hotcakes over the holiday season. But what about Kobo?

While Kobo doesn’t get as much attention as its peers, the company’s latest product lineup actually looks a lot like its peers’. Kobo sells an E Ink eReader for $100, a touchscreen version for $130, and the Kobo VOX Android tablet for $200.

The VOX isn’t as fast or responsive as the NOOK Tablet or Kindle Fire — and you might just be better off installing the Kobo app for Android on a better-made tablet. But Kobo reports that it sold more eReaders this holiday season than ever before.

According to a press release, “hundreds of thousands of devices” have been activated every day since Christmas. The total number of registered Kobo users doubled over the holiday season. In other words if you take all the people that were using Kobo devices a little over 6 weeks ago and double it, that’s how many registered users there are now.

Like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Kobo isn’t giving out specific sales figures, but the company does say that it’s also seen a big jump in digital content sales.

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    Glad to hear it, I like Kobo.