Android 4.0 for the Kindle Fire: Now with working audio

Amazon Kindle Fire with Android 4.0

Developer JackpotClavin has released a new build of CyanogenMod 9 for the Amazon Kindle Fire. The latest version of Android 4.0 for the tablet includes one major update: audio now works properly.

Update 1/31/2012: There’s an even newer build that includes several new bug fixes and additional features. 

When the first build was released in late December there were some major audio glitches. Sometimes sound would work, and sometimes it wouldn’t.

The latest build solves that problem, but there are still problems with video playback.

You can install the new build following our step-by-step guide for installing Android 4.0 on the Kindle Fire. Just substitute thew new for the original

You’ll also have to re-install gApps if you want Android Market access. You should probably try the latest Google apps package. As of January 19th, that’s

You can find download links for the update and for gApps from the project’s xda-developers forum thread.

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  • Anonymous

    Excellent!  Although I’ll wait for the working video (even though I don’t use it for video that often, when I do — I’d want it to work).  Nice to see progress though!

  • Lance Poore

    Can’t wait until all the kinks are worked out in ICS cm9.  I absolutely love cm7 and it works flawlessly for me right now, but those new features in ICS will be nice. Good work guys!  CM makes the KF usable :)