Amazon Kindle Fire 6.2.1 update improves performance, fixes bugs

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon’s latest software update fore the Kindle Fire tablet is a mixed bag for Kindle users. On the one hand, Kindle Software version 6.2.1 will remove root privileges and may cause other problems for users that have rooted their tablets. On the other hand, it improves performance for those that are running the standard Amazon software.

As promised, the software update offers the following features:

  • You can now remove books, apps or other content from the carousel of recently used items on the home screen.
  • Scrolling is smoother.
  • There’s an option to require a password to turn on WiFi (which could help prevent kids from purchasing apps without a parents’ permission).

It’s now also possible to remove the Facebook app which comes pre-installed with the Kindle Fire. Since it’s not really the Facebook app for Android, but just a shortcut to the Facebook mobile website, it never made much sense that there was no option to remove it.

Amazon is rolling out the software update automatically to Kindle Fire users.

Update: If you want the improved performance of Kindle Software 6.2.1 but can’t live without root access, you can download and install a pre-rooted version of the update.

via xda-developers and Amazon forum

  • Aerospacecase

    Need a workaround to get Android Market working.  I thought I was going crazy when SuperOneClick hung up while trying to re-root.  At least the 6.2.1 update explains why that happened.

  • CD Replication

    Kindle Fire is progressing day by day. It gives new features & improves the overall performance of application.  

  • Al Hartman

    My Kindle Fire and the Amazon site don’t show a 6.2.1 update. They list 6.2 as the latest update.

    Perhaps they withdrew it?

    • Al Hartman

      It’s now on the website, but still not showing on my Fire. I’m going to do the manual update.

  • Cappatia

    Al, sometimes you have to power it off – hold the power button down several seconds to do so.  Then wait a little bit to power it back on.  If you’re within wifi range, it should download the update.  I had to do that for the last update.  Just check the version screen a few minutes after it reboots to verify.

    • Al Hartman

      Did that, no update. And just how would powering down my Kindle affect the Amazon web page?

  • Bradley Leyten

    While the recent update (6.2.1) did break root it also eliminated the browser redirect when you tried to access the official Android Market. You can now access and download from the official Android Market right from the browser [NO re-ROOT required!]