Ainol Novo7 Paladin tablet with Android 4.0 up for pre-order for $120

Ainol Novo7 Paladin tablet

Remember that $100 tablet with a MIPS processor and Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich? It looks like the retail price is going to be closer to $120 in the US, but that still makes this Android 4.0 tablet cheaper than most devices running Android 2.3 and earlier.

PandaWill and Merimobiles are both taking pre-orders for the Ainol Novo7 Paladin tablet for $119.99.

The tablet has a 1 GHz JZ4770 Xburst MIPS processor and a Vivante GC860 graphics processor with support for 1080p HD video playback.

This isn’t exactly a top of the line tablet. It has a low resolution 800 x 480 pixel display, for instance. But it has a capacitive touch panel with support for 5-point multitouch, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and a microSD card slot for expansion. It also supports Adobe Flash content, comes with the Google Andorid Market, and has a g-sensor.

Now the Google has officially given its blessing for device makers to install Android 4.0 on phones or tablets, it looks like the inclusion of the Android Market and other Google apps such as Gmail and Google Maps may no longer be restricted to high-end tablets.

In other words, the lines between $500 tablets and $120 tablets are about to get thinner. But if I were in the market for a new tablet, I’d probably still look for one with a fast processor, decent build quality, and a high resolution display. 1GB or more of RAM is also nice to have, but not essential, as the Amazon Kindle Fire has demonstrated.

Update: Like the Skytex Primer Pocket I reviewed earlier this year, it appears the Ainol Novo7 Paladin may have trouble running some Android apps that aren’t compiled for MIPS processors. I’ve seen conflicting reports about how extensive this problem is, but several readers that have used an Ainol Novo7 have written in to explain that many Android apps simply won’t run on the device.

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  • Nards Barley

    “it looks like the inclusion of the Android Market and other Google apps
    such as Gmail and Google Maps may no longer be restricted to high-end

    It would nice if Google would confirm this.

  • Thcrw739

    I like that name.

    • Mr. T

      I wonder if all the staff at the Dongda Anus Hospital will be issued their very own seven inch Ainol.

  • Anon

    Per what you would get instead:
    …AND, one with a Pixel Qi 7 inch screen.
    Where oh where is Pixel Qi?  Do they only show up at CES and the other shows, but not with products?
    Anyone know?

  • Hoya

    Anal tab

  • Anonymous

    This is the actual site in china

    • Simon Cabron

      Enjoy Life, Enjoy Ainol

  • Anonymous

    I have the Ainol novo7 running android 3.2 honeycomb on an xburst MIPS processor. While speed is generally very good the app compatibility is not. In theory all apps written to run through java should work, but most don’t. Any apps using native code will not work at all unless recompiled for MIPS. 

    The $100 4.0 tablet is still going to exist as the Novo7 basic. It is that price already in China and the beta version of ICS is in testing now. This tablet seems to have the exact same specs except for 8gb storage, which probably accounts for the $20 extra.

    The ainol (anal) joke seems lost here on people in Hong Kong.

    • Simon Cabron

      Ainol is no joke in HK. I also have the novo 7 running 3.2 and I couldn’t get one decent app to install. The UI ran fairly smooth, but the app compatibility was a complete let down. I know I’m just repeating you, but I was surprised to see someone else who had this iteration of the tablet. I can’t imagine the “beta” 4.0 version faring any better. 

  • Anonymous

    The problem with MIPS is that the architecture restricts some apps. If your favorite app isn’t ported to the MIPS architecture then you are basically screwed. That is the only reason I am not getting one. I am considering one of the cheaper ones even-though i’d lose ICS support. As far as I can see ICS is a bit overrated. Also there is no point in pre-ordering you can get one easily off Aliexpress should be on your doorstep in 2 weeks. I am going to get one that is about 1/2 the price of this because I already have an HP Touchpad and chances are the other one will be ported to ICS as well.

  • Shine Wong
    • Anonymous

      Android Sale has not free shipping, so the price, at least in Brazil, will become $119,98, the same as Merimobiles.

  • Tito Lopez

    Yeah…. so this company name ‘AINOL’ actually reads out as ANAL. Does anyone give a shit about that? Oh you have an Ipad 2, you have a Samsung 10.1….well I have an Anal Paladin. That sounds like a butt plug.

    • Mairaj

      cant stop laughing on this

  • Tablet PC
  • Victor Berrones

    This review states flash support. I cannot confirm this. Tried from first boot in the web browser. installed flash to see if that was required. market does show flash to install, due to no support. Also tried to side load flash, it was a nogo. And yes most of your favorite apps wont install. many standard google apps wont run. youtube, currents. I feel this was a waste of money. Its better to get a kindle fire root and install cm7. I have the fire and it runs all apps perfectly. bought it for my son. now looking back, hes got a better tablet than I do. So sad, I had such high hopes.

    • Rholden41

      may I ask what is cm7?  I bought a Kindle Fire also but because I live in Canada, I can’t load or even purchase some apps let alone access Android marketplace.  thanks,

  • Rocavazos

    I got this tablet…It does not play Angry Birds.  The MIPS processor is sorely lacking.  Can’t do IHeartRadio either among others.  No Google Voice app either.

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  • Rogerio Machado

    I’m from Brazil and bought the Novo 7 Paladin for 130,00 with shipping. The problem is it is really a crap, ANAL stuff. It stopped working in two days, when I inserted a MicroSD/TF card. The touch screen just stopped working ! I can see, buttons works, but touch is dead ! DON’T BUY THIS ! Can see other people with same problem here :

  • jon

    i get a ainol paladin from

  • yangsukenao

    How about this one ?

  • sally