Team Xron releases custom Android ROM for the HP TouchPad (CM7 remix)

Team Xron ROM for the HP TouchPad

It’s been almost a month since the CyanogenMod team of developers released the first build of Google Android for the HP TouchPad tablet. Now another development team has remixed the CyanogenMod software, giving Android on the HP TouchPad a different look and feel.

Update: The download links for new ROM have been temporarily removed while the team continues to work on the software. A public beta will eventually be available. 

The new ROM comes from Team Xron, and it replaces some of the icons in CyanogenMod with versions designed to look more like Google Android 3.x Honeycomb icons. The themes and wallpapers have also been tweaked to look a little more like those you’d find on a Honeycomb tablet — even though Xron’s ROM is still running the same Android 2.3.7 software you get with CyanogenMod.

The Team Xron build also changes a number of icons and widgets throughout the operating system to look more Honeycomb-like. The CyanogenMod boot animation has also been replaced with the animation used in the Google Nexus One smartphone.

Team Xron also pre-loaded a number of applications that aren’t included with CyanogenMod including Google Music, Google Talk (with support for video), the Swype keyboard apps, Adobe Flash Player, and Netflix.

You can install Team Xron’s ROM the same way you would install CyanogenMod — just download the Xron version of Android and use it in place of the CyanogenMod files. The developers recommend using ACMEUninstaller to remove CyanogenMod before you get started though.

ReverendKJR has also put together a video showing the installation process.

The HP TouchPad tablet features a 9.7 inch, 1024 x 768 pixel display, a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core processor, and ships with the webOS 3.0 operating system. The tablet was discontinued this summer, but became popular with bargain hunters when HP slashed the price by as much as 80 percent to liquidate remaining inventory.

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  • Nards Barlely

    I want one that completely replaces the HP Web OS, mainly because I botched the initial Android install from CM so bad that subsequent efforts to correct have failed.

    • Red

      You really don’t want it completely gone then. Thanks to webos you use webos doctor and restore to factory. That should allow you to install CM where as if webos was completely gone it would be tricky or potentially just bricked depending on how bad you botch it.


        I sort of agree, but since I can’t put Android on it (and believe me I have tried), I don’t use the tablet.  So, I would probably try if something came along.

      • Michiel Verbrugge

        Well, try harder or do it better this time, because it is VERY much worth the while. I just put the XRON ROM on my TP and that zooms like new!
        With WebOS you just have a nice-looking thing that doesn’t do anyhing you need, with Android it’s really very cool.
        Even though the Alpha versions sounds junior, it is pretty stable. All that bothers me is that Wifi keeps needing to be reconnected.

      • Jebks

        You still have the ROM.  

      • neophyte

        Yes but where are the actual files like moboot etc??

  • chapelhillice

    Cool, but still waiting for a beta of CM for Touchpad first to get some more stability.

    • DAve01568

      There will never be a beta just mods trust me

  • Anon

    ZTE Light 2 (official page)

    Any reports on this yet?
    Pixel Qi Screen (or not)?

  • Anonymous

    I might theme my current install to look like ICS.

  • Xcon

    The actual files all come from CM as usual.  It kinda stinks theming someone else’s work and then call it  YOUR ROM

  • Jtownspowell

    And the Kanging has begun.  I imagine Swype, as persistent as they are about their intellectual property rights are going to have something to say about this…

  • serwei

    hmm does this fix all the system problems? Or is it just a “skin”?