How to unroot a Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet


So you’ve gone ahead and rooted your NOOK Tablet, installed the Android Market, and made some other changes. But after a little thought, you’ve decided you’d like to unroot the tablet so you can start from scratch, return it, or give it as a gift this holiday season.

Fortunately there’s an app for that. Or rather, a script that you can run from a Windows or Linux computer.

If you followed our suggestions for rooting your tablet and used Indirects NookAndZenergy tools, you can now run an uninstaller script from the same developer.

Just download and unzip the file from the xda-developers forum. Place the contents in a directory on your computer, enable USB debugging on your tablet, and connect it to your PC with a USB cable.

Windows users can simply click the unroot.bat file to get started, while Linux users can follow the instructions in the forum post.

Make sure that you haven’t altered any system files before trying this method though. While the unroot tool will remove root and remove gApps from your device, that’s all it’s designed to do.

There may be no way to recover if you try to unroot a device that’s been altered in other ways. Since the NOOK Tablet bootloader is locked, you cannot create or restore a complete system backup or flash a custom ROM on the tablet.

Update: Indirect has also released an Android app called NOOK Unroot which you can use to unroot your tablet. It will also reformat your system partition and restore the device to its factory default condition, so make sure to backup any apps or other data you may need before using NOOK Unroot.

  • Solho

    hey guys, just wonder (as any noob) when you root nook tablet and choose to remove everything from b&n (leave it as any android tablet) can be unroot without any problem???…regards