Android Market website now recognizes HP TouchPad, NOOK Tablet, Kindle Fire

Android Market install

Google has rolled out a minor update to the Android Market website so that it now recognizes devices that didn’t originally ship with the Android Market. In other words, if you install the Android Market on an officially unsupported device such as the HP TouchPad, Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet, or Amazon Kindle Fire, you can now see your device from the Amazon Market website.

What that means is that you can visit the website in any web browser, find an app you want to download, and send it to your mobile device automatically.

Up until now this feature was only available for devices that came with the Android Market, including most Android smartphones and many top tier tablets.

That’s the good news. The bad news is I’ve also noticed that the Android Market on devices now seems to recognize some apps you’ve installed from non-Market sources, and it wants to update them but can’t.

For instance, I installed the ES File Explorer app on my NOOK Tablet using the Amazon Appstore for Android. Then I installed the Android Market on the tablet. The Android Market saw the ES File Explorer and decided a newer version was available, so it sent me a notification. But it fails to download and install because the app isn’t signed properly.

ES File Explorer is free, so I could just uninstall it and reinstall it from the Google Android Market. But that’s not as easy to do if you’ve already paid to purchase apps from Amazon and then receive alerts for updates from Google.

You could just ignore those alerts, but after a while they’re going to pile up.

In other words, while Google is making it easier to use the Android Market on devices that don’t ship with it, Google is not making it any easier to use multiple app stores simultaneously on the same device.

  • Volvymoto

    how did you install the android market on the nook tablet?

    • Brad Linder
      • Jowiki

        Do I have to root the Tablet to get market on it?

      • Brad Linder


      • Noneya

        The article above says the android market recognizes the nook tablet, which is not true. Article is misleading.

      • Huttoboi

        The android market website recognizes it, not the actual app market apk. According to this article at least.

    • Doug

      one (long) word… cyanogenmod7.  Try it by booting from the MicroSD for a few weeks.  If you like it, make it the boot right on your Nook.  I love it and because it’s pure Android goodness, all these acrobatics are not necessary.  You can download the Nook App and still read your B&N books.  But now you have access to other reader apps as well (i.e. Kindle, etc.).

      • Brad Linder

        That works on the NOOK Color, but no the NOOK Tablet. You’ll need to root the NOOK Tablet and install the Android Market manually if you want to use it on B&N’s newer device. 

      • Ddawsonb

        Ahh, good point. I forget about the other book devices.

  • Arn6735

    I have a TP n android fon, what shld I do to install android apps on my TP. Tnx

  • Arn6735

     brad linder…tried to install an app in the market but can’t find the hp touchpad on the device selection? Need help pls. Tnx.

  • zdanee

    Hmm… no NITDroid & N900 option. Do they live under a rock? :)

  • Adam Honse

    Detects my Touchpad and Archos A43 tablets now!  I like this!  It used to complain that I did not have any devices registered.

  • The Nerdy Nurse

    Where can I find easy instructions to getting Android on my HP touchpad?

  • Pedro Pimentel

    Odd, the website recognized my Kindle Fire since the day it arrived

    • Brad Linder

      What day was that? 

      As far as I can tell this change took effect right around the time the Kindle Fire started shipping. I can say with certainty that before the Kindle Fire and NOOK Tablet hit the streets, the HP TouchPad wasn’t listed. But now it is. 

  • Brian Richards

    Probably a stupid question. Is root or any option setting required for this to work? We are researching the nook vs fire vs standard tablets for Christmas and the lack of free apps on the Nook is a big issue. $3 for Angry Birds!?!?! LOL Are they nuts?

    • Brad Linder

      Yup, you need to root the tablet in order to install the Android Market. 

  • Sandeep3763

    how do i install andriod market application after installing andriod on hpt touch pad

    • Eric

      hey were u able to install market on the hp

  • Naziba Noor

    I have Coby kyros MID7022. I installed android market. But the website would not recognize my tablet……HELP!!!!!……it keeps looking for a phone:S…..