Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin will launch in April, 2012

Ubuntu 11.10

Canonical will launch the next version of Ubuntu Linux on October 13th. The latest version of the popular Linux distribution is code-named Oneiric Ocelot, and Ubuntu 11.10 will include a number of refinements to the Unity desktop as well as the ability to synchronize applications across multiple computers with the new Ubuntu Software Center.

But Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth is already looking ahead to Ubuntu 12.04, which is due out next April. The developers launch a new release every 6 months, and every 18 months we get an LTS release. That stands for Long Term Support, since these are the versions Canonical recommends for individuals, businesses, and other institutions that want to install an operating system and use it for a few years without having to worry about frequent updates changing the look and feel.

Today Shuttleworth announced the code-name for Ubuntu 12.04: Precise Pangolin. He’s also written a blog post outlining some of the ideas that were rejected, including Phat Platypus, Principled, Paca, and Perfidious Puku.

Ubuntu typically pairs an adjective and an animal in an alliterative pair, in case you couldn’t tell. While Oneiric Ocelot caught a lot of people off guard, since it uses a rather unusual animal and description, at least “precise” is pretty clear. Pangolin, on the other hand…

Remember the good old days when we got to use names like Breezy Badger, Feisty Fawn, and Hardy Heron?

  • Mr. T

    I wish Canonical would drop the silly naming scheme and stick with the numbers. “Ubuntu 12.04″ makes a lot more sense than “Odorous Orangutan” or “Post-mortum ‘Possum”. And why do people always want to shorten the name to the adjective rather than the noun? It makes no sense in English.

    • Bruno Rodrigues

      These are code names. The official release is numbered.