$150 HP TouchPads coming to Best Buy… with purchase of a PC

HP TouchPad

Best Buy will begin selling dirt cheap HP TouchPad tablets again on Tuesday, November 1st. You’ll be able to pick up a 32GB model for $149.99.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that in order to get that price you’ll need to buy an HP or Compaq laptop, desktop, or all-in-one computer.

On the one hand, this will probably prevent Best Buy from selling out in a mater of minutes or having its servers crash as soon as the tablet goes on sale. On the other hand… unless you’re in the market for a new computer anyway, this deal isn’t quite as sweet as it was when HP first discounted the tablet this summer.

HP, meanwhile, has announced that it’s out of stock and won’t be selling any more tablets directly to consumers.

The HP TouchPad features a 9.7 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core processor and webOS 3.0 operating system.

HP discontinued the tablet less than two months after introducing it, due to poor sales. But when HP dropped prices by as much as 80 percent to clear inventory, the TouchPad became wildly popular.

With the future of the webOS operating system uncertain, a team of developers behind the CyanogenMod Android distribution have been working to port Android to run on the TouchPad, and there’s already a slightly buggy alpha version available for anyone to try on the tablet.

via GottaBeMobile

  • Remington Jackson

    Hopefully when CM9 comes out with that ICS interface hopefully the tablet feature will be nice.

  • Anonymous

    That like the coolest thing I ever seen dude. IO mean like totally.

  • Anonymous

    Glad I got a 16 GB model when they were available.  Now to load the Cyanogenmod software!

  • http://www.laptop-netbookdeals.com Lavender

    Thanks for the great article.I like It so much!

  • Anonymous

    No doubt the profiteers will swarm to bestbuy

  • Anonymous

    The company basically said “screw you” to all the people they promised would be first in line when more were produced, and sold them to Best Buy, instead.

    The company should just give up dealing with the public all together, they suck at it. I won’t buy HP again.

    This proves that Meg Whitman is just as incompetent as Apotheker was.

  • http://cobases.com Michael Cobases

    Buying this tablet for $149.99 seems really fair deal but getting it with new HP computer really ruins all fun.

    I can’t believe that HP is discontinuing webOS as it really felt promising and even for some $300 it would be better deal than iPad