Two-way sync between an Android tablet and a touchscreen monitor

HannsG touch monitor demo

There are plenty of tablets that let you plug in an HDMI cable and connect it to a monitor or HDTV to watch videos on a big screen. But a company called HannsG is going a few steps further.

The company is showing off a new wireless USB display technology that does two interesting things. First, it streams content from your device to an external display without any wires. And second, it’s a two-way street. You can also use a touch-screen monitor to control the action on your Android device.

Charbax from got a demo at the IFA trade show in Berlin this week. The HannsG rep showed what happens when you’re playing a game of Angry Birds: Not only does the game show up on the external display, but you can pull back on the slingshot and fling your birds using the monitor instead of the tablet.

It looks like the tablet doesn’t connect directly to the monitor. The displays seems to be connected to a computer running Windows 7, with Angry Birds showing up in a window. But it’s still a pretty impressive tech demo.

Unfortunately it also appears to be a work in progress. The graphics frame rate is pretty slow at this point, which could make it difficult to actually play games. For streaming video, you’re probably still better off plugging in an HDMI cable.

  • Anonymous

    I would be more interested in using a tablet like touchscreen that controls an HTPC connected to an HDTV. In other words, using a remote to control the HTPC is awkward. Why not use a 7″ table that is nothing but a touchscreen monitor to control the  media center app on the computer with the output …movie, music, etc going to the HDTV?

    • Local Stain Bob's yer uncle, works like a dream. Remotes for just about every HTPC media player you could want.

    • ChrisBan35

      The main reason why this is so appealing Johnny is because most tablets that come with data plans are limited data plans. Whereas most mobile devices have a plan with unlimited data streaming. This feature alone will drive the invention of connecting to a touchscreen monitor. 

      Secondly, most people want to carry their data with them in a very convenient way and only attach a mobile screen when necesarry. I currently have both a Samsung HTC Evo and a Samsung Galaxy 7.0 Tablet. But I must admit that carrying both is sometimes frustrating. 

      I believe this technology will be in high demand, and I for one cannot wait for them to finally get this figured out.

  • Chris Flowers

    Worst salesman ever.