Now you can lock your iPad like a laptop thanks to Kensington

Kensington lock case

Computer peripheral maker Kensington has launched a new accessory for the Apple iPad to that lets you use a security lock with the tablet. It’s called the SecureBack Security Case and the plastic case is designed to offer protection from scrapes and scuffs, like any good case. But it also fits snugly around Apple’s tablet and lets you lock the tablet to a cable so that it’s difficult to remove without a key.

This sort of key lock is common on notebook computers, but this is the first iPad case I’ve seen which is designed to let you use a similar lock with an iPad.

While I have a hard time imagining casual tablet users buying the SecureBack system and actually using it in a coffee shop, there are some situations where this could make a lot of sense. Apple iPads are becoming more common in the office, as well as health care settings and other professional environments where it’s probably a good idea to make sure random people can’t go walking off with your iPad.

The basic SecureBack case is available for pre-order for $50. You can spend a little extra to get a model with a kick-stand on the back or to purchase a model that comes with a Kensington ClickSafe lock.