GameStop to offer Android tablet for gamers

GameStop logoEarlier this year US video game seller GameStop announced plans to launch a gaming-centric tablet. At the time there wasn’t much more information available, but today reports that Gamestop has picked an Android powered tablet.

Instead of building a tablet from scratch, GameStop will sell a tablet from another hardware maker and slap on a GameStop certified label.

The goal is to offer mobile games on the tablet at launch, and eventually offer a service which will allow customers to stream console-quality video games to the tablet over the internet while using a separate video game controller. The concept sounds very similar to the OnLive service which allows subscribers to stream Playstation and Xbox games over the internet to devices including computers, televisions, and iPads, and soon to Android tablets as well.

via JoyStiq

  • gman

    If you listen carefully, you can hear a song. It’s a classic song and I hear this song when I’m reading about this tablet. The song goes something like this….bum bum bum — “another one bites the dust..”