Jetbook Color eReader with color E Ink display coming this year

Jetbook Color

Companies have been showing off prototype eBook readers with color E Ink displays for a couple of years, but so far no devices with color E Ink displays have actually gone on sale. Now it looks like we should see the first in December.

That’s when Ectaco plans to launch the Jetbook Color eReader in the US. The device will feature a 9.7 inch, 600 x 800 pixel E Ink display, WiFi, a touchscreen, and an SD card slot.

E Ink displays have a few features that make them ideal for use in eBook readers. They rely on ambient light instead of a backlight, so they use less power than LCD displays. Even better, they can hold an image or text even after the power is turned off, so you only actually need to send power to the display when you’re turning pages.

On the other hand, color E Ink screens aren’t as bright as LCD or AMOLED displays, and the colors aren’t as vibrant. For an eBook Reader, that might not be a big deal, but there’s a reason we haven’t seen this type of display in laptop or tablet computers.

The Jetbook color is expected to sell for $350.

  • tom

    I have no real need for color e-ink. I’m much more interested in a black and white eink reader with a screen large enough so I can read almost any pdf in full size without having to convert, crop or zoom parts of it. 12 inch would be fine. I would without hesitation pay at least 800$ for it. I’m sure the millions of people reading a lot of black and white pdf files at work/in school/doing research at the university would agree with me.

  • Wordsworm1

    I have been waiting for this for years. I’m hoping this thing will work with Amazon’s software. If it does, I’d buy this thing for that price in a heart-beat. This is exactly what the ebook market needs to expand. Cook books, graphic novels, tech manuals, etc., will finally have a device good enough to display them (I hope it’ll be good).

  • TomToo

    I agree. I would like to do downloadable crossword puzzles, and they usually come in pdf format, but in any case, you need a large screen, and of course, stylus input.