Dell discontinues the 5 inch Streak tablet

Dell Streak EOL


Dell has stopped selling the Dell Streak 5 inch Android tablet/smartphone. The original Streak launched last year as Dell’s first Android product. It blurred the lines between a tablet and a phone by pairing a reasonably large 5 inch, 800 x 480 pixel display with cellular capabilities.

The device hasn’t been in stock at for a while, and now the company has posted a page saying goodbye to the Streak and suggesting other devices you might be interested in including the Dell Streak 7 Android tablet, Dell Venue Android phone, or Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 device.

As smartphone displays get larger and larger, the Streak doesn’t look as unusual today as it did when it launched, and while Dell always positioned the device as a tablet that could make phone calls, today it looks more like a bulky phone.

  • mormor

    Damn it. I was hoping they work working on a  Wifi only model. 

  • sv

    It makes sense to kill it.  I bought one several months ago and felt like it was too much of a compromise.  Too cumbersome to use for voice calling, to put in your pockets and use with one hand.  At the same time, the 5″ screen wasn’t much better than 4″ displays.  Needless to say, I returned it (in addition to the fact that Dell sold me a refurb without ever mentioning it).  

  • Anonymous

    That actually makes a whole lot of sense dude. WOw. I like it.

  • Davecrystalmagik

    I have had a Dell Streak since July 2010 and love it, my contract runs out in July 2012 and there is nothing out there to replace it with the same size screen.
    I find the size perfect, any smaller and it would not be so useful on the internet.
    I hope Dell come up with something to replace it.
    If I had to change the only other option as far as I am concerned would be the Samsung Galaxy S2 but the screen is a little small, my having been used to the streak.