Areca Backup is a cross-platform backup utility for Windows, Linux

Areca Backup

File backup utilities are a dime a dozen, but Areca Backup is a free app with a few standout features. First, it’s a cross-platform app that’s available for Windows or Linux computers. Second, it allows you to compress your backups as a ZIP file and encrypt that file for security.

You can configure Areca Backup to copy files from your computer to a USB flash drive, a local hard drive or another drive on your network, or to an FTP or SFTP server.

Like any good backup utility you can chose between incremental, differential, and full backups. In other words, you don’t have to copy every single file on your hard drive every time you run a backup. You can have Areca just scan for changes since your last backup. There’s also support for delta backups so that if a file changes only the new portions are saved again the next time you run a backup job.

While there’s a graphical user interface for Areca Backup you can also use a command line utility, which comes in handy if you want to automate your backup jobs.

Areca requires Java in order to run.

via CyberNet News