Angry Birds Rio HD free for HP TouchPad this week in app six-pack

As if a $99 HP TouchPad wasn’t a sweet enough gift to those who happened to score one during the big sell-off, HP has started giving away free apps to give you some additional ways to enjoy your tablet. Last week’s special offer included apps like Glimpse and Audobon birds. This time around, Angry Birds Rio HD is included in the freebies.

Rounding out the free TouchPad apps this month are baseball factbook Pennant, Quell HD (a critically acclaimed puzzle game), and Flight Predictor HD. There are also two holdovers from last week as well: Camera for TouchPad and Big Boss.

Remember, last time the codes expired less than a day after they were posted. If you want to get your hands on a free copy of Angry Birds Rio HD for your TouchPad (or any of the other free apps), head to the webOS App Catalog now and get downloading!

Why is HP giving away free apps for for its discontinued webOS tablet? With the company pursuing other ways to profit from webOS, building a thriving ecosystem and generating excitement — even as it shutters its own hardware offerings — makes webOS more attractive to potential suitors and developers, who may yet be able to make some money with the oft-underestimated OS.

via the HP Palm Blog

  • Tim Davies

    The promo code has already been used up :-(

  • J

    Yay.  Gotta love the BS HP throws at us.  If its free, GIVE IT TO US, or STOP WASTING OUR TIME.

    This is why HP is fail.  They make me want an iPad.  I never thought I’d say that, as iPad sucks and Apple is evil.  But HP is just annoying.  At least whenever I’ve bought something on my iPod, the store worked.  And when there’s a promo, the promos work too.  This is just absurd.

    Way to take any possible good will left and smash it to bits, HP.  You really know what you’re doing.

  • Anonymous

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  • Info TS

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