Notion Ink Adam 2 on track for a December launch

The Notion Ink Adam tablet was one of the first 10 inch Android tablets to ship with a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core processor, and to this day it’s still one of the only tablets on the market featuring a 10 inch Pixel Qi sunlight readable display. Now the company is getting ready to launch a second-generation tablet, and it could step up the game on both fronts.

Notion Ink founder Rohan Shravan told the folks at Light Reading India that the company plans to launch the Adam 2 in December, 2011 and show it off at the Consumer Electronics show in January, 2012.

Shravan hasn’t said what features the new tablet will have, but Good eReader has rounded up some leaked information and made a few educated guesses based on information from Pixel Qi. The long and short of it is that the next-generation Adam tablet could have an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor and a new Pixel Qi display which does a better job of resisting glare when used in direct sunlight.

Pixel Qi technology allows an LCD display to look like a black and white E Ink display when you turn off the backlight. This allows you to use ambient lighting to view the screen outdoors or in a brightly lit room, while reducing power consumption.

The Notion Ink Adam has received mixed reviews since launching earlier this year due to production and shipping delays and buggy software. But the tablet from a previously unknown Indian manufacturer remains one of the most unusual Android tablets around thanks to the Pixel Qi display, the unique design with single camera that swivels to face the front or back, and a custom software solution designed to make Android 2.x easier to use on tablets with large displays.

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  • Ian H.

    They need to focus on fulfilling the promises they made to buyers of the first Adam, first and foremost of which is getting Honeycomb on the device.  As it is now, the only reason the Adam is halfway usable is because of the ROM community.

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  • Good E-Reader

    I Agree, the ROM community and the people who have rooted the device are the only ones that make it usable. What happened to project genesis and the initiative to get tailor made apps for it, gone, into the ether. I don’t think Honeycomb will happen, both sides have mentioned hardware incapability in some reports. 

  • Tablet Cases

    they better solve their software bugs or the tablet will remain a niche product only used by technology geeks

  • Siva

    Too many lies by the CEO in interviews prior to CES2011. How can anybody trust him with a new set of promises (oops.. lies)

  • Astonian3

    omg!, finish the first one first! you still have people waiting for adam1 to be fully useful – up to date – and not having to force close every other second. i can honestly say that I am wont be rooting for NI anymore, I realize all they have is a large fan’atic base, (minus one)

  • Anonymous

    They have the right idea, I’m all for giving them a second chance.

  • Shadi W

    was one of the 1st owners as well..I purchased my Adam tablet. I liked
    the Spec and how the company was involved with their soon to be
    customers. I understood what Google did to the community by closing
    BUT this doesn’t overcome the fact that NI, stopped
    communicating with their customers who bought the device, started to
    depends on TR volunteers to improve their OS and just dropped off all
    weekly communications.
    IF someone pays $550 for a tablet (which is
    same price as other well known stable companies) then you would expect a
    top notch service. On the other hand of I paid $200 for it then yes I
    would expect not to receive the best of service or a product that is
    semi working.Fact remains, NI needs to improve it’s image (Sold
    on my Adam on ebay), show us why we should spend $500+ for a tablet that
    has no USA presence and lacks supports.

  • Adam :(

    My heart-ful suggestion to the CEOs of Notion Ink , to spend time reading Steve Jobs biography and learn how great products are made in REAL LIFE.

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