Google Android 3.1 comes to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 limited edition tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab Google IO limited edition

When I met with Samsung VP Gavin Kim to discuss the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet last week, I asked him whether there was a plan to push Android 3.1 to the version of the tablet the company gave out at the Google I/O developer conference recently. The 5,000 limited edition tablets Samsung gave away to attendees came with Google Android 3.0, but the version of the Tab 10.1 which went on sale in New York City yesterday comes with Android 3.1.

Kim told me there was a plan to push out an update, but he didn’t have details at the time. Now it looks like the relatively short wait is over though. Android Central reports that Android 3.1 is already available for the limited edition version of the tablet.

In order to force your tablet to download the update you’ll need to perform a little magic by telling the device that you’re in the United Kingdom for some reason.

Speaking of international Galaxy Tab news, Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be available in Canada starting in July. At launch a WiFi model will be available on the Great White North. Eventually Bell, Rogers, and TELUS will offer 3G models.

via Android Central

  • Craig Newmark

    Yup, I’ve noticed that my tablet will only talk to the Amazon UK cloud, stuff like that. Any clues? Thanks!

    • Brad Linder

      So let’s see… they gave out 5,000 units to attendees of an event in California… I guess it makes perfect sense that they’d be linked to Samsung’s UK servers. 

      I get the feeling that Samsung was rushing to even get the finished tablet out the door (which is why it’s shipping with Android 3.1 but not the TouchWiz software which Samsung will offer as an over the air update). So I’m surprised there aren’t even more bugs/quirks in the Google I/O version.

      All of which is to say… nope. I don’t have any real suggestions for getting the tablet to work with US cloud features. Maybe the software update will help?

  • Guest

    i think the box needs to look more like apple…