Samsung may be working on a solar powered netbook for the developing world

Samsung is holding a forum in in Kenya this week, where the company is unveiling plans for notebooks, tablets, appliances, and other electronics in Africa. Many of the products being highlighted have been shown off in other parts of the globe already including the Samsung Galaxy line of Android phones and tablets and the Samsung Series 9 thin and light notebook. But News24 also reports that Samsung has introduced a new solar powered netbook.

The Samsung NC215S would be able to work in parts of Africa where electricity is scarce or unavailable. There’s no mention of the Samsung NC215S in the press release for the event, so I get the idea that the solar powered mini-notebook is a concept device or a prototype. But if you’re trying to sell electronics in developing nations, providing a way to generate electricity off the grid certainly seems like a good ideas.

Update: The Samsung NC215S will be available in the US starting the week of July 3rd with a suggested retail price of $399.