Overclocking the Asus Eee Pad Transformer with a custom kernel

We’ve already seen a number of Android tablets with NVIDIA Tegra 2 chips hacked with custom software kernels which support overclocking. So it’s no surprise that the Asus Eee Pad Transformer can be overclocked. But it’s still nice to see it happen.

Xda-developers forum member netarchy has posted a custom kernel for the Transformer which lets you overclock the chip to run at up to 1.4 GHz.

Right now the tablet isn’t very stable at 1.4 GHz, but if you’re looking for a more modest performance boost you can run the Transformer at 1.2 GHz — which is still 20 percent faster than the 1 GHz chip runs out of the box.

Of course you’ll need to root your tablet to install the software, and you may run the risk of losing your data or voiding your warranty, so make sure to backup your important data first and proceed with caution.

via reddit