Next generation of Ubuntu Netbook Edition will just be Ubuntu

Canonical introduced a version of Ubuntu Linux specifically designed for netbooks a few years ago called Ubuntu Netbook Remix, which later became known as Ubuntu Netbook Edition. But now the organization is announcing that the next generation of Ubuntu won’t have a Netbook Edition. Instead, the core operating system will include some netbook optimizations.

For the most part, Ubuntu Netbook Edition consists of two parts: a user interface optimized for low resolution displays, and some enhancements to speed up performance on computers with Intel Atom processors or other low power chips. The software isn’t really a separate operating system from Ubuntu – if an app can run on Ubuntu, it can run on the netbook edition. It’s just Ubuntu optimized for netbooks.

Canonical is changing the desktop shell in Ubuntu 11.04, and the company claims it will work just as well on a small screen netbook as on a large screen computer. As a result, you won’t have to decide between downloading the “netbook” or “desktop” edition of the operating system. You can just download “Ubuntu 11.04” when it becomes available next month.

via Internet News

  • Anonymous

    It makes perfect sense and Ubuntu’s really learning very very well in avoiding the MS Windows multiple SKU syndrome even if it’s not Windows.The last thing anyone would need in trying to make a switch to proper desktop Linux is to look at editions all over again.

    Having that said I still feel a bit anxious about that Unity UI.Hopefully some leftover GNOME customization options are still gonna be there in some form or the other.It looks too damn close to a smartphone OS for comfort if anything.

  • Invitado

    I tried the Netbook Remix on my netbook and found it was just uncomfortable to use, not only there is a bar on the top which is always there, but also a thick one on the side which (at the time) could not be set to hide. That apart, the apps ran reasonably fast, so if they make the UI better on the small screen optimization for the unified Ubuntu, I’d even switch from Windows 7 (which works well on small displays).