Fuduntu OS for netbooks now supports Flash 10.2, Google Chromium

Fuduntu is a light weight operating system designed for netbooks and other portable computers. The operating system is based on Fedora Linux, but as the name suggests it should feel reasonably familiar to Ubuntu Linux users as well.

This weekend Fuduntu 14.9 was released, bringing support for Google’s Chromium 9 web browser and the Adobe Flash 10.2 plugin. Neither of those programs are installed by default, but they’re both available from the Fuduntu Repository, which means they’re easy to install.

The operating system also now uses the Avant Window navigator, a new utility for monitoring a program’s use of your system resources, and other changes. You can read a more detailed list of the new features at the developer’s web site.You can find download links at Fuduntu.org.

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