Archos Arnova 10 tablet now available in the US

If you were paying attention to today’s round of daily deals, you may have noticed that the Archos Arnova 10 Android tablet is now shipping in the US. The 10 inch tablet is the latest budget model from French device maker Archos. It’s has a suggested retail price of about $199, but it’s on sale for the next day or so at Mertado for about $180.

The Archos Arnova 10 has a low power ARM-based processor and a 1024 x 600 pixel resistive touchscreen display. It runs Google Android 2.1.

While the Arnova brand is reserved for low end devices from Archos, like the company’s other tablets the Arnova 10 can handle 720p HD video playback with support for MP4, H.264, and RealVideo.

The tablet includes 802.11b/g WiFi, a G-sensor, front facing VGA camera, and SDHC card slot. It has a built in mic and speaker, and Archos says you should be able to get 6 hours of battery life when playing videos, or up to 40 hours when listening to music with the screen turned off.

  • Anonymous

    I do wonder if that full size usb can handle a bluetooth dongle.

    • Anonymous

      Most tablets should include Bluetooth these days.

      Good question though, as ARM tablets tend to conserve power and ports are either without power or under powered.

      Usually those tablets with full size USB ports should provide enough power for Bluetooth, since they don’t require a lot of power to run. But it’ll be a good idea to consider a split USB cable and a USB power pack to supplement the power if you want to use any USB devices that may require more power…

      For the smaller tablets that only have micro USB ports, you’ll definitely need an external power source and a USB OTG cable to enable the USB host controller to master mode as those ports usually can’t auto switch and stick to slave mode by default. Some like the Motorola Xoom may even require you to root the device as well.

      • Anonymous

        It seems that the arnova line is the followup to the home tablet variants. As such they use Rockchip parts rather then texas instrument omap. And as far as i can tell, Rockchip have never made a product with bluetooth (tho i guess it could be added by using a third party chip connecting to a SoC bus).

      • Anonymous

        Bluetooth can be added to any system as easily as WiFi, it’s the maker of the tablet that determines what is and what isn’t included.

        The announced specifications for the Arnova include bluetooth and most of Archos other tablets include Bluetooth as well.

      • Anonymous

        Got a link for that announcement? the arnova 10 page only list wifi under connectivity:

      • Anonymous

        Here’s one of a couple of sites listing bluetooth in the specs,

        Though Archos has been known to change its mind on specifications or just weren’t ready. Like early release had the HDMI port disabled for example.

        Or add something, like an OS update, later than originally announced. The 8th Gen tablets were suppose to come with Android 2.2 but didn’t get the update until about 2 to 3 months later.

        There were also supply issues that caused release date changes for some of the 8th Gen models and with the market the way it is and what happened with Japan that could be the case again…

        All these tablets are pretty much custom design and the ARM core only matters towards performance and doesn’t determine what extras are included or not. So just check out the final release specs and official reviews and not previews to be sure…

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  • Charbax

    1.2Ghz capacitive version arriving imminently as well, same price.

    • Anonymous

      For mid range tablets they’re pretty good, as long as you know what you give up for the price.

      There are reasons why top of the line tablets cost more and it depends on what you intend to use the tablet for whether those extra features and/or extra performance are really needed or not.

      Archos balances cost with features and performance for a more economical offering. Whether that’s the best will be up to each individual.

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  • Newyo4

    Arches sucks

    • GetSmarter

      Learn how to spell Archos and maybe then people will listen to you.

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  • xaueious

    over priced piece of trash this is

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