Preview of Linpus Linux OS for touchscreen tablets

Linpus has been developing light-weight Linux-based operating systems for netbooks and tablets for the last few years. Now the company is getting ready to show off its latest tablet solution at Mobile World Congress, and Chippy from CarryPad has posted a preview video.

The OS is based on MeeGo Linux, but this version has been optimized for touchscreen tablets, with a nice big on-screen keyboard, rather speedy screen rotation, and an Android-like home screen with support for animated desktop backgrounds, widgets, and easy access to an app launcher.

The software is designed to play well with low power Intel Atom chips, and in the demo video you can see the OS boot in just 14 seconds on a tablet with an Atom processor.

The operating system can run a number of different MeeGo apps, and while Chippy’s demo video shows a tablet with the Fennec (Firefox mobile beta) web browser, it should also be able to support full versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, or other browsers. The media player has an iTunes-like look, and can handle internet radio, YouTube video, and media from your tablet’s storage or from an SD card.

We should hear more from the folks at Linpus next week.

You can check out the video preview after the break.