Samsung showcases flexible, transparent OLED displays

Last year at CES Samsung showed off a laptop prototype with a 14 inch semi-transparent AMOLED display. You could see the screen well enough, but you could also see through the screen to see whether your car keys are on the table or not.

This year, Samsung is continuing to show off its transparent AMOLED technology. But instead of a laptop, the company set up a couple of displays showing how the screens could be used for advertising or other purposes which, frankly, make a lot more sense than transparent laptop displays. One of the demos also happened to have a 19 inch display, which is the largest transparent OLED display available at the moment.

Samsung is also showing flexible AMOLED display technology, which could be used for wearable computer wristbands or other devices. Right now these prototype displays can show movies and other content at all sorts of twisted angles which don’t make for the best viewing, but which could come in handy if you want a wrist computer which can tell you the time, weather, stock reports, or other info that’s tough to fit on a typical wristwatch display.