OCZ drops out of the RAM market to focus on SSDs

OCZ Technology has announced that it will stop producing computer memory, instead focusing on solid state disk storage. The company will exit the DRAM module space by February 28th.

While OCZ isn’t exactly a household name, the company makes pretty well-respected computer products including desktop and laptop memory, SSDs, power supplies, flash drives, and peripherals. But ultimately, it looks like the company has decided the SSD space is more profitable. It’s also probably a market where it’s easier to distinguish ones’ products, since rightly or wrongly RAM modules are often treated as generic products as if all PC3-8500 SODIMMs were created equal. OCZ is probably best known among high-end PC enthusiasts for its line of high performance desktop RAM modules.

The good news is that OCZ plans to continue to support existing memory products. The bad news is that next time you need to upgrade your computer’s memory, you may have to look elsewhere.

  • Mr E Cameron

    do you mean ram business?

    • http://liliputing.com/ Brad Linder

      Why yes, yes I do…

  • Monkeyking

    It seems to me SSD are part of the high end side of business. But the RAM Ocz sold was to high end customers who will now think, “These Ocz dudes are big fat d-bags because I just bought their RAM and now they ‘don’t make it’, so that is the LAST time I buy an Ocz product!!!”

    It might not be profitable to make RAM, but when the customers who you want to buy Product-B are the same people who bought Product-A they might not see your move as ‘healthy’ or instilling ‘confidence’ when you discontinue that product line. Image is everything, and this move provides the image of weakness.

    I bet they will save alot of money when their company folds because nobody buys any of their poducts. If they wanted simplicity the consumer can make Ocz’s business dead-simple.