Notion Ink Adam tablet to start shipping

A year after first introducing the Adam tablet, Notion Ink is finally ready to ship the 10 inch Android tablet with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, custom user interface, and optional Pixel Qi display. The company had actually planned to start shipping the tablet around January 11th, but it took a bit longer than expected for the FCC to put the final stamp of approval on the product. That’s happened now, and Notion Ink says it will start printing labels on Monday and start shipping the tablet on Wednesday to customers who have pre-ordered.

The company plans to open up a second round of pre-orders soon.

Meanwhile, you can bide your time by checking out my hands-on video with a final production model of the Adam tablet from CES after the break.

  • Del from So Cal

    Great device, and the interviewer had GREAT questions but he sucks at interviewing because he let the VENDOR establish what he wanted to answer and did not get his questions answers. If you ask a question GET THE ANSWER (or do not ask questions you spineless reporter!).

    How do you turn off apps?
    What is the battery life of the device with backlight on?
    What is the resolution of the camera?
    What is the name of the spineless interviewer?

    • shonangreg

      Agreed. The Notion Ink spokesperson was basically able to say whatever it was he had wanted to say. There was almost no point to the interviewer even being there.

      And with as much suspicion around the Adam as there has been, you’d think the reporter would have wanted to hold the Adam in his own hards and do some navigation himself. A good con can synchronize finger swipes with a pre-recorded video (very well done if this was a setup, but still, the reporter should have used his own fingers.) This would go all the moreso since Notion Ink did not answer some of the questions, “How do you close apps?” “Well, our video didn’t anticipate that question, so I’ll just pretend I’m answering but continue touching the video as it plays anyway . . .”

      Mind you, I’m not saying the Adam is a scam, but everything about it still seems to be indistinguishable from a scam. Just how incompetent and unlucky would one person have to be for all those stars to line up for what is a real product?

  • shonangreg


  • Io

    Birdy Nam nam