iTwin makes transfering files between computers easy (and kind of pricey)

There are plenty of web sites that let you upload files from one computer and download them on another — some even let you use a peer to peer connection to transfer your files directly. But if you’re looking for a simple, secure solution you might want to check out iTwin.

Just plug one half of this $99 USB dongle into one computer and use the other part on a second computer. As long as both computers are online (and running Windows XP or later), you can access your files remotely.

The system lets you view or edit files on the remote computer or transfer files from one PC to the other.

The iTwin includes 256-bit AES encryption for a secure connection. If you lose one of your iTwin devices you can disable it remotely to keep your data safe.

I’m not convinced the iTwin does anything you couldn’t do without a $99 USB dongle. But it certainly makes the process or remotely accessing your files a lot simpler.

via The Gadgeteer