HP Mini 1103 education netbook reviewed: Not bad for $299

The HP Mini 1103 is the cheapest netbook HP currently offers for the business and education markets. If the mini-laptop looks familiar, that’s because it’s case design is nearly identical in most respects to the latest HP Mini 210. But the Mini 1103 has distinct left and right mouse buttons instead of buttons integrated into the touchpad, and it lacks an island-style keyboard.

The folks at Laptop Magazine have published a review of the HP Mini 1103, and they seem reasonably impressed with the little guy. Sure, with a single core Atom processor and integrated graphics, it’s not the most powerful netbook around. But it has a relatively fast 7200RPM hard drive and gets well over 8 hours of battery life, which isn’t bad at all for a netbook with a starting price of $299 .

While the netbook is designed for business and education, it’s also available for consumers to purchase. The basic configuration includes a 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N455 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive and Windows 7 Starter Edition.

  • Michaelpaulpenang

    Netbooks are dying. They have no choice but go to the below $299 level cause everybody is buying tablets now. For a while, it was geeting arrogant and prices were going up.

    But trust me when I say, netbooks will never sell if it does not go below the $299 level. Infact, once 10 inch tablets go down further, the 10 inch netbook will have to drop to even $199.

    • Anonymous

      There is no evidence of netbooks dying yet, not everyone is buying tablets and netbook sales haven’t dropped. Tablets are just popular now but most tablets can’t even run a proper OS, since most are based on low powered ARM based processors that are significantly less powerful than even ATOM processors.

      While those that can run a proper OS are far more expensive than netbooks, even those tablets that can barely run more than Android or iOS can still cost more than $500.

      iPad, Galaxy Tab, Xoom, etc. all cost much more than netbooks!

      So while it would be nice for netbook prices to go down even further it won’t be tablets causing them to!

    • gman

      The price of netbook may fluctuate more in the coming months, but that’s only because of the “threat” of tablets. No, everyone is NOT buying tablets. Seen the price slash of Galaxy Tab recently? What’s that telling you? Fact is, tablets have a LOT of press (understatement of the century) but that does not equate into sales. Nothing has happened yet. Nobody has released their tablets yet. It’s only the “threat” right now. Even the standard priced netbook is a far better bargain than a tablet. Netbook + Kindle or a tablet (plus accessories)? Hmm. What costs less???