Asus Eee Note EA800 ships in Europe in February

Asus has announced the the Eee Note EA800 will be available in europe starting in February for 259 Euros, or about $355 US.

The EA800 is a digital note taking device which looks like an eBook reader — one with a lot of extra buttons. The tablet features a grayscale display that supports 64 shades of gray. It also has a Wacom digitizer and comes with a stylus that allows pressure-sensitive note-taking, allowing you to take handwritten notes, or draw pictures. The device also has a 2MP camera which takes color pictures (although you’ll need to export them from the Eee Note to view them in full color.

The EA800 has an 8 inch, 768 x 1024 pixel display, 802.11b/g/ WiFi, and a 13 hour battery. It has 4G of storage space and an micro SD card slot for expansion. The Eee Note weighs about 1.1 pounds.

via Notebook Italia

  • Ami

    This is outrageous. It was originally going to be sold for about 170 GBP. Now the price has been gone up for 50 pounds more than that?? Is that the way Asus treats customers who waited for their product? I won’t buy it.

  • nportelli

    An interesting idea…Just at too high of a price point.

  • Jim

    This was selling in Taiwan for $230 when it first hit the market late last year. $355 equals a 54% markup over that price. What did they do: accidentally price it too low and then realize they were losing money on it when it was jumping off the shelves?

  • Ni Co

    Cant wait to get this piece of hardware! Uhhhhh!!!! :)

  • NiSt

    Yearh.. It is expecting to come out in Februar.. – It is Februar now..

    Seriously, when will it hit the market in Europe? Asus are not given the best feedback ón this Eee note. WHY cant they come out with some more exact informations???

    I would really like this product, but soon i will go to an alternative!

  • hohohorea

    let’s face it, asus just doesn’t care about europe