Acer unveils convertible tablet/notebook with detachable keyboard

Acer is showing off a mockup of an upcoming convertible Windows tablet which takes an interesting approach to the question of what to do with the keyboard when you’re not using it. Instead of a slide-out keyboard, or a swiveling keyboard, Laptop Magazine reports that this computer has a detachable keyboard.

The idea is that you can remove the tablet from the keyboard when you want a touch-only experience, or place it in the keyboard dock to gets me typing done. But you can also place the tablet down on top of the keyboard just as you would if you were closing a notebook lid. It will lock magnetically and make the whole device easier to carry with you.

You can check out a hands-on video from Laptop Magazine after the break.

  • Anonymous

    I thought this was supposed to be out in february???

  • Anonymous

    Looked much better when it was just a mock up.

  • Stone and Two Tone

    *is in no way responsible enough to own one of these*

  • Anonymous

    resolution (?)… hmm