New Android, Windows tablets from Viliv to be on display at CES

It’s a given that the closer we get to CES, the more “product X to be shown” news we’re going to hear about before we actually see it. Viliv is getting in on the pre-newsing, announcing that they will be showing off two new Android tablets (the X7 and X10), and a new Windows 7 tablet (the X70).

The Android models will be 7 and 10 inches respectively, with the X10 sporting a 1366×768 display (it was mentioned here back in June). The X7 is touted as having ‘anywhere connectivity’ which has led to speculation that it could include a 3G adapter — or Viliv could simply mean ‘anywhere you have Wi-Fi’. 3G would certainly be better, since that often means a device will have official access to the Android Market.

As for the X70, Viliv claims it will be the lightest, slimmest Windows 7 tablet in the world. Viliv already makes the X70EX which weighs less than a pound and a half and is only .8 of an inch thick, so the X70 should be quite the featherweight.

  • Adrian

    they can’t use X10, that’s Sony Ericsson’s. come up with their own name

    • Anonymous

      From what I understood back when the X10 was first discussed, it’s the prototype name for the model and it’ll likely get a different name when it officially sells.

      But the Sony “X” is just short for “Xperia” and it’s not unusual for widely different products from having similar names or abbreviations.

  • Rob Brown

    I got all excited about the X10 when it first showed up in the tech blogs, but it’s been 10 months or so with nothing but vapour so… meh. Show me the goods.

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