Kno single and dual-screen tablets begin shipping today

A while back we heard that the Kno and its comparatively massive dual 14-inch screens (as well as its single-screen brother) would be shipping some time before the end of 2010. When the company began accepting pre-orders, it looked as though they would meet their deadline –and they have. Gotta Be Mobile reports that the Kno is set to ship today to those who were lucky enough to score a private invite.

Unlike other readers, the Kno is, of course, designed to be a student’s best friend — providing access to University textbooks which devices like the Kindle and Nook can’t display for the most part. The Kno also has a serious advantage when it comes to screen size, and its spacious display is much better suited to massives tome like the architecture titles I had to lug around.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what early adopters think of the Kno once they get to spend a bit of hands-on time with the device.

via Gotta Be Mobile