Dell Streak 7 inch Android tablet coming soon

Dell hasn’t exactly been shy about letting us know that the company is working on 7 and 10 inch Android tablets to flesh out the line started by the Dell Streak 5 inch tablet (or oversized smartphone, if you will). But Dell has been a bit tight lipped on the launch dates for these new products. Now it looks like the Dell Streak 7 is probably close to launch, if a few bits of leaked data are anything to go by.

Earlier this week, the Dell Streak 7 name showed up on the web site for Vaja, a company that makes cases for tablets and other electronic devices. Then the tablet earned its WiFi certification. Now Engadget has received the treatment for an upcoming commercial starring the Dell Streak 7.

Like most ads, this one is light on actual specs, so we don’t learn anything about the screen resolution or CPU, but Dell does say the Streak 7 will have a sturdy Gorilla Glass screen, the Dell Stage user interface, and the Blio eBook app.

You can find the complete ad treatment at Engadget.