System76 Starling netbook goes dual core

Linux system builder System76 has quietly bumped up the specs for its Starling NetBook. For $385 this 10 inch mini-laptop comes with Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook edition and a 3 cell battery. It also now includes a 1.5GHz Intel Atom N550 dual core processor.

Since the Starling NetBook isn’t bound by Microsoft’s hardware restrictions for Windows 7 Starter, there are also a upgrade options that you won’t find on most netbooks. You can configure the Starling with up to 500GB of hard drive space or opt for a high performance solid state disk. It ships standard with 2GB of RAM, which is is twice the RAM you would get from most netbooks.

A 6 cell battery will cost you an extra $59 though, driving the base price up to $444.

System76 has also announced that the company will begin shipping internationally by the end of the month… on a limited basis. Right now the company’s computers are only available for purchase in the US. By the end of November you’ll be able to order System76 computers in the UK, although they’ll continue to ship with US keyboards for now.

via Netbook News and OMG Ubuntu