SlingPlayer Mobile app turns the Archos 101 into a portable 10 inch TV

Sure, it was cool when Sling Media launched a SlingPlayer Mobile app for Android this summer, letting you stream live or recorded TV from your home to a mobile phone. But somehow it’s a lot cooler on a 10 inch tablet like the iPad, or an Archos 101.

As it turns out, the app runs great on the Archos 101, which features a 10 inch capacitive touchscreen tablet, a 1GHz ARM-based processor and support for HD graphics.

In order to use the $30 SlingPlayer app, you’ll need to have a supported Slingbox hooked up to your home media system. Once that’s done, you can stream live TV from a cable, satellite, IPTV, or broadcast signal, or play recorded shows from  TiVo or other supported DVR. You get virtual on-screen remote control functions, fast forward, rewind, pause, controls, an electronic program guide, and pretty much everything you need to watch TV on the go.

You can check out a video of SlingPlayer Mobile on the Archos 101 after he break, courtesy of YouTube user ruinah1.

via reddit

  • Claude Gray

    If only the app were free. It feels like a rip off to have to buy a box. and then the app along with paying the cable bill, just so I can sit on the toilet watching the game.

  • Daggs

    That’s cool. Maybe I’ll get an iPad for a self gift this Christmas.

  • Cavienliya

    Sounds cool. I will try download that app and check whether it can install into my tablet. Whoop, my Android tablet is not so powerful as iPad.

  • KasinoKrazy

    Seems odd to hype an add-on for a product that’s not even been released yet for purchase.

    Liliputing, please don’t go the route that Amazon does for reviews/hype for things that the public is unable to obtain. Please wait until item or product can actually be purchased – sneek peeks are fine…but stink of vaporware marketing tactics.

  • Anonymous

    Is this app can record TV for my iPad with the iPad supports format?
    iPad supports video and audio formats:

  • Mazal

    Claude, it all depends what you want. I have had several Slingboxes since they first came out (at least 5 years ago). I travel a lot and it is fascinating to watch my home tv channels when I am in Latin America, Europe or China. I even use it at home while my wife watches the big screen tv. I find Slingbox a great value for money and I am excited to use it on my Archos 101 when I receive it next week. At the end of the day, value is in the ey of the beholder.

  • Mazal

    Has anyone been able to download the Slingplayer on an Archos 101 after installing Froyo ?

  • Chris

    Slingmedia says to search for “slingplayer mobile” in market but I can’t find it? Anyone else?

    I was debating about trading in my slingbox for a hava but since there’s an android player, I’ll keep my slingbox pro.