OpeniBoot on the iPad: Hack for dual-booting Android on the way?

It’s no secret that Apple prefers iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users to run… I don’t know, I guess Apple’s operating system on their devices. But there have been a number of developments recently making it possible (or almost possible, in some cases), for users to replace iOS with another operating system, or even to dual boot iOS and Android.

A few days ago a new version of Bootlace was released, making it possible to dual boot Google Android and iOS on older iPhone and iPod touch models, using OpeniBoot.

A few months ago a hacker called Hexxeh showed an iPad running Google Chrome OS.

Now Hexxeh is back… showing OpeniBoot running on the iPad.

Right now the project is still a work in progress. But eventually this could lead to the ability to multi-boot Android, Chrome OS, and iOS on the iPad. Because sometimes you want to play the free Android version of Angry Birds with ads, and sometimes you want the ad-free iOS experience.

You can check out video evidence of OpeniBook on the iPad after the break.

  • Sf

    its Openiboot NOT Openibook

    • Brad Linder

      Sorry, that was just a typo in the headline.

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