Intel to discontinue Atom Z5xx chips in 2011

This should probably come as no surprise, since Intel is getting ready to push its shiny new Intel Atom Z6xx series low power processors for netbooks, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, but it looks like the Z5xx line of chips will be phased out next year.

PC Watch found a few Intel documents indicating that Intel will stop taking orders for the chis in May, 2011 and will stop shipping Atom Z5xx chips by the end of 2011.

That includes the Intel Atom Z510, Z515, Z520, Z530, Z540, Z550, and Z560 chip as well as the US15X system controller hub. These chips have clock speeds ranging from 1.1GHz to 2.13GHz, but they use a different architecture than the Atom N-series chips found in most netbooks, and generally offer offer lower power consumption and a little less performance than their N-series counterparts.

via Netbook