Dell Inspiron Duo convertible tablet coming next week?

The Dell Inspiron Duo is one of the most interesting netbook/tablet hybrids I’ve seen in a while. It’s not necessarily the software or touchscreen technology which makes the Duo interesting though — it’s the design. Dell decided to break the mold and produce a computer that looks like a regular netbook until you flip the screen backward and spin it like a gyroscope until it’s facing outward, letting you close the lid and use the device in tablet mode.

Most convertible laptops use hinges which let you tilt the display left or right before folding it down over the screen. Dell’s approach could help keep the Duo slim yet sturdy. Plus it looks really cool.

Dell hasn’t officially announced a launch date fro the Inspiron Duo, but the company did release a promo video recently. Now CNET reports that the Duo could begin shipping as soon as November 23rd.

The computer will run Windows 7 and ship with a 1.5GHz Intel Atom N550 processor. It has a 10 inch display. There’s no word on pricing or other specs.

  • Vash


    I want one for free!!

  • HeDanny

    That Frame concerns me. It looks far too fragile. Totally diggin the concept, but .. I dunno. I rekon I would be constantly worried about it bending or snapping or whatev.