Archos tries its hand at netbooks again… sort of

Archos is probably best known for making portable media players, and an ever-expanding line of Android powered tablets. But the company also dipped its toe in the netbook space a while back with the Archos 10 mini-laptop.

The Archos 10 may not have been a runaway success, but that apparently hasn’t stopped the company form launching a second laptop with a 10 inch screen. The Archos Arnova, though, is a different kind of machine than the Archos 10.

While the first Archos netbook has a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB of RAM, and the ability to run Windows XP, Linux, or  other desktop operating systems, the Archos Arnova is a budget device with a 533MHz ARM-based processor, 128MB of RAM, 2GB of storage, and the Windows CE 60 operating system.

Put simply, it’s meant for surfing the web, running a few apps, and not much else. On the other hand, it’s priced pretty decently. It’s going for just £126.75 at Amazon UK. That’s just over $200 US.

The Archos Arnova has a 10.2 inch TFT display, 802.11b/g WiFi, a 2100mAh battery, 3 USB ports, an Ethernet jack, and an SD card slot. It weighs about 2.4 pounds.

There’s no word on whether this mini-laptop will make it to the US or other countries anytime soon.

via ARM Devices

  • aftermath

    Like the Archos 7 Home tablet, this Archos 10 and the new line of “Vision” PMPs represent a pretty aggressive up-branding of some pretty low-end hardware that sells well in its country of origin.

    This is the future of computing: cheap with lots and lots of marketing on top of it.

  • Timothy Lord

    For that weight, that size, and that price, the Daily Deals here (and watching other places — Amazon, antirebate, etc) make me wonder what the upside is to getting such a RAM-starved and slow machine. (If the battery life was 26 hours, I might start to see it ;))


  • Paul

    Archos wasted time and money making this. I don’t see very many people buying such a crappy device.

  • Arcght

    It’s been several months since he was released.

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  • Charbax

    The price is likely below $149 in the USA. You don’t pay taxes on consumer electronics in the USA, please remember for next time you just convert European prices straight over without substracting the 20% or more of taxes!

    • Fred

      People in the US pay taxes on electronics. It’s called sales tax. Plus, people who order online where sellers don’t charge taxes are legally obligated to pay the sales tax when filing their taxes. So by law people have to pay sales tax on most things (food and some other things aren’t taxed).

      • Charbax

        By law EU prices have to include VAT taxes, US prices never have to be promoted including sales tax. Many never pay sales tax in the US. So it is still to blog that this is a $200 product, $149 is more likely.

  • Zdanee

    Expensive, ugly and dumb. Archos should use linux on these (not talking about Android).

  • Anonymous

    Did a bit of digging, and the 533 clock speed from samsung cpu seems to indicate a s3c6410 arm11. Sure, there are also a couple of arm9 variants with the same clock, but if that is whats being used, someone needs to be beaten over the head with this “smartbook” until they get a clue…

  • Jean-luc Castellani
  • Atanas Ivanov

    Does anyone know how I can reinstall?