Archos 70 Android tablet hits the FCC

Archos recently introduced 5 new Google Android powered devices, and while the 3.2 inch Archos 32 may be the only model currently available for purchase in the US, the rest are on their way. That includes the Archos 70 tablet, which made a visit to the FCC web site this week.

The Archos 70 features a 7 inch, 800 x 480 pixel capacitive touchscreen display, a 1GHz ARM Coretx A8 processor, a G-Sensor, 720p HD video support, and an HDMI output.

There aren’t many details on the FCC web site at the moment. There’s no user manual and few pictures. But there is a document that shows the label location and a drawing of the back of the tablet, if that’s the sort of thing you enjoy looking at.

I got a chance to check out a pre-release version of the Archos 70 last month, and it seemed like a decent device for a tablet with a starting price of under $300. I’m reserving final judgment until after I’ve had a chance to do a more detailed review though.

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  • Noncellulose

    We watched Henri Crohas introduce the Gen8 devices. We lust. Yes, lust to step away from Microsoft, at least a few steps.

    Anyone find when the Archos 70 is buy-able in the US, Please post here.

  • geep
  • TheRammer

    Where’s the GPS receiver?
    Where’s the Android Market access?
    Why only 800×480 instead of 1024×600?
    Will Archos make the source code available?
    What are the chances it will be upgradeable to Android 3.0?

    • Anonymous

      best to get these questions answered is at the Archos Fans site.

      cheers !

      no marketplace but you can easily install yourself. The Market4Archos.apk can be found in Archos Fans website.

      800×400 is for A70. 1024×600 is for A101.

  • Anonymous

    @ Noncellulose.

    You can find it in Select country : USA.

    Not out yet but they will be selling when it is released worldwide.

  • Anonymous