Acer to load Windows 7 and Android on all dual core notebooks?

What goes better with a dual core processor than dual operating systems? Don’t see the connection? Yeah, me either. But DigiTimes is reporting that Acer plans to load both Windows 7 and Google Android on all future notebooks with dual core chips.

This isn’t completely out of character for Acer. The company has already released a couple of netbook models running both Windows and Android, but they’ve been the exception and not the rule. But since Google doesn’t charge a licensing fee for Android it doesn’t cost much to throw Android on a separate partition and call it a valued added proposition.

I also suspect that DigiTimes may simply not have all the facts right. Most of Acer’s previous dual boot netbooks were only made available in a limited set of countries. It’s possible the new dual boot Windows and Android notebooks could be limited editions which are only sold in certain parts of the globe.

Oh yeah, and no. I have no idea why Acer is reportedly tying the dual boot operating systems to machines with dual core processors. Single core chips handle dual boot systems just as well as multi-core chips, since you’re typically only actually running one operating system at a time. You simply choose which one you want at startup.

  • aftermath

    This announcement proves that Android is little more than a marketing force at this point. I will celebrate being wrong because I don’t want to be right about this, but it doesn’t belong on this hardware. If Android “isn’t ready for tablets”, then it’s no where near ready for laptops and netbooks. Acer apparently thinks that consumers are morons, which means I should probably start investing in their company.