NFS N-Pad is a super-thin Android tablet with Intel’s Moorestown chipset

Think the 1.6 pound Apple iPad is a bit too heavy to hold in one hand? Intel showed off a new tablet based on the upcoming Intel Atom Z6xx series Moorestown chipset with GMA 600 graphics last week, and Chippy from UMPC Portal reports that it weighs just 0.9 pounds — or just over half as much as the iPad.

The tablet is called the NFS N-Pad, and it’s not entirely clear at this point whether it’s just a tech demo or a real product that could come to market soon. But the N-pad is thin, light, and has an x86-based processor which is capable of running Google Android, MeeGo Linux, or other operating systems, possibly including Windows.

You can check out Chippy’s hands-on video after the break.

via Netbook News

  • sola

    Well, its tempting since, at least, it doesn’t include MS software but one devil (Intel) is still in the pack. If no sufficient ARM/Linux solution comes by Christmas, I may take a look at it in 2011.

    • Ian M Perkins

      I’m in the same position. No Wintel for me, thanks

    • ARM_Hater

      If MS and Intel are devil, what would that make ARM and Apple/Steven Jobs? Saints?

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  • MonkeyKing1969

    The sad fact is the non-apple side needs these chips out now, not in seven to tweleve months.