More video footage of the HP Slate PC surfaces

A few days ago YouTube users x313xkillax posted a video showing off the as-yet-unreleased HP Slate running Windows 7. He didn’t really explain how he came by the tablet, but it looks like it could be the real deal. Now he’s followed up with a second video which features a look at the packaging, and docking station with HDMI output, and detailed specs. He also suggests that there will be both retail and enterprise models — despite the fact that HP officials have said the HP Slate 500 Windows tablet would be targeted at business customers.

Here’s a rundown of the specs:

  • 1.86GHz Intel Atom Z540 CPU
  • 8.9 inch display
  • Multitouch support (at one point he demonstrates four finger simultaneous input)
  • GMA 500 integrated graphics
  • Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator
  • 64GB SSD
  • 2GB DDR2 memory
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit
  • Accelerometer
  • 802.11b/g/n WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Front and back cameras
  • 2 cell, 30Whr battery

Of course there’s no word on the pricing or availability yet.

Update: Unsurprisingly, the person who posted the videos to YouTube has now removed them.

  • aftermath

    Please, HP change the name from “Slate” to “Tablet”.

    There’s a pen and an active digitizer. The first emerging device in this low-end slate fad that can actually call itself a tablet is calling itself a slate. Hooray for adding to the confusion!

    I guess we should just stop calling rectangles “rectangles” and call them “squares” because that’s true too, and while we’re at it lets just go ahead and call all of the squares that aren’t rectangles “rectangles” because that sounds a lot cooler. I’m so glad that bringing technology into more people’s lives has made us all smarter.

    • TD

      “all of the squares that aren’t rectangles” ?? Slate works for me – same as slab. One piece, no physical keyboard or hinge. I’m typing this on a 4-year old tablet. It has both. I’m not confused (and all squares are rectangles).

  • Javajolt

    I have to agree with aftermath…Please change the name and DO NOT use pad in it. You have the money to develop this and build it but the name sucks.

    This is by far a more impressive video that the first one. The first one I thought if that was the real HP Tablet, HP was in serious trouble and I would have to look someplace else for a tablet.

    Why not put UIcentric interface on it?

  • Haj

    With those specs, it’s going to be pretty expensive. The Z series Atoms and SSD are pretty expensive.

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  • bean

    Haha,probably that kid’s dad works (or maybe worked now) for HP.

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