Intel launches new Classmate PC design

Intel has updated its Clasmate PC design. The Clasmate PC line of netbooks are designed for children, and tend to feature semi-rugged cases. The latest model goes a bit further with improved water resistance and anti-microbial protection.

The reference design features a rubber cage around the hard drive to minimize damage from a fall, and rubber protection around the LCD as well. The new design also has “crush zones and additional air cushions” around sensitive areas. Intel says the new Classamte PC can stand up to spills of about “half the contents of a juice box.”

There aren’t a lot of additional specs available at the moment. Intel says the new design use the “latest” Intel Atom processor which improves battery life, but I don’t know if that means Intel Atom N450, N455, N475, or N550.

Intel doesn’t actually build Classmate PCs, but rather puts out a reference design which PC manufacturers can use to build student-friendly netbooks. Since the new design was just launched this week there’s no word on pricing from third party vendors yet.

Update: Intel sent along a few shots of the new design. it doesn’t look all that different from earlier models, but Intel is promoting the new and improved water resistant features in at least one of the shots. You can see a few more photos after the break.

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